Food Co-op Training

Urban Recipe has been launching and operating Food Cooperatives for low-income families since 1991. There are dozens of Urban Recipe inspired Co-ops locally and nationally that have launched through our Co-op Training and countless groups from around the US and as far as Tokyo and Hong Kong that have come to train with us and learn about our one-of-a-kind approach to solving hunger with dignity.

Co-op Training Workshops

Co-op Training Workshops provide an in-depth look into how our Co-op model works including an overview of how Co-ops are formed and operated.

Workshops are held at our site three times a year and are led by Urban Recipe founder and former executive director, Chad Hale.


Each Co-op Training Workshop includes a live look-in to an Urban Recipe Co-op, where trainees are invited to ask questions of the Co-op’s coordinator and members.

To learn more about Co-op Training Workshops or to register for one of the listed dates below, please send an email to Chad Hale at

2018 Training Workshop Dates & Details


Thursday, March 29, 9am – 4pm
Tuesday, August 21, 9am – 4pm
Thursday, November 8, 9am – 4pm

Where: Urban Recipe, 645 Grant Street, SE Atlanta, GA 30312

ScheduleRegistration and introductions begin at 9:00 am followed by an observation of a live Co-op meeting. After the Co-op meeting concludes, we gather to go over training materials. Following a break for lunch, we’ll continue to discuss training materials, finishing with an extended Q&A session. We expect to be done no later than 4:00 pm.

Cost: $200 for the first person, $50 for any other persons from the same organization. There is an additional $20 cost per person for training materials.

Please email Chad Hale at to register. We will ask you to send half of the registration fee to us at the address listed above no later than two weeks ahead of time.

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