Urban Recipe Member-Run Food Co-ops

Urban Recipe’s member-run Food Co-ops for low-income families provide a unique alternative to many traditional food-centered programs. Under our model, each family we serve becomes a member of a 50 family Co-op that meets every-other-week and the meetings are convened by the members themselves. Urban Recipe Co-ops not only help create food security for those who don’t otherwise have enough; they’re also a place where relationships and community are built and the dignity of everyone involved is affirmed.


How It Works

Members arrive at the appointed hour, check in with the secretary and treasurer and each contribute $4.00. These funds help cover overall programming costs as well as further create a sense of ownership for Co-op members. After checking in, each member assists wherever able and needed. Tasks include unloading the delivery truck, counting, sorting and organizing the food into categories, portioning out bulk items, and distributing food into boxes each member will take home at meeting’s end.

Once all the day’s food and goods are loaded into boxes, a business meeting is held. Led by the Co-op steering committee and elected officers, the meeting typically includes a devotional time, community announcements and on occasion a guest speaker. Co-ops have hosted speakers from the Morehouse School of Medicine, the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation and many more and have also held cooking and exercise classes. When the business meeting concludes, food boxes are distributed and members disperse until gathering again in two weeks. Each 50 family co-op meets 26 times over the course of the calendar year!

Come See a Co-op In Action

We host visitors all the time and we would love to host you! Please reach out via the form in our Contact Us page and we’ll promptly get back to you to schedule your visit.

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