Mobile Pantry
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Urban Recipe launched a robust Mobile Pantry Distribution Program to meet the needs of the increased number of families facing food insecurity, many for the first time. Through strategic partnerships woth local organizations, we provide partner oganizations with perishable and nonperishable food boxes which are then distributed within each partner’s respective community. An average of 40lbs of food is distributed to 250-265 households every other week.

Emergency Delivery
We partner with DoorDash to provide free emergency food boxes directly to those who are homebound or unable to get to our physical pantry.


Give us a call at (404-236-9980) or email us at We return calls and emails in the order they are received. NOTE: We have a limited number deliveries we are able to make each week and we may not be able to accommodate you right away.

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