Urban People’s Academy is an aspect of Urban Recipe’s work that has grown over time and is at the heart of our commitment to asset based community development. We know people support what they help create and everyone has gifts, talents and abilities to share to make their community better. If we can find ways of learning about people’s interests and connecting our passions, then we can make progress in changing our lives, our communities and even our world.

At Urban Recipe, we have a wealth of amazing co-op members who, while lacking financial resources, have many different interests and so much to share with each other and our community. One of the things Urban Recipe is working on is finding ways to regularly listen to our co-op members to hear what their interests and gifts are. Often, the people who need assistance the most are often those who don’t have access to information regarding health care, nutrition and other helpful support. During the structure of our existing co-op meetings, we regularly welcome visitors who share with our community about a variety of available tools and available programs.

Education and leadership are an important part of our work as well. Much of the education takes place during co-op meetings. We are very grateful to those partners who have worked with us such as:

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Urban People’s Academy or finding ways of coming alongside us as we work and learn together, please email Jeremy Lewis, at jeremylewis@urbanrecipe.org.

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