Our Mission

To partner with our members and supporters in creating food security, building community, and providing a platform for personal development while affirming dignity.


Originally serving as the Georgia Avenue Community Ministry (GACM), Urban Recipe is an outgrowth of a 1990 initiative of Georgia Avenue Church. Under the direction of the founder, Rev. Chad Hale, GACM was separately incorporated in 2001, the primary focus being food cooperative programming that increases food security for under-resourced individuals and families. Our organization is based on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) principles: a strategy for sustainable community-driven development. The premise of the approach is that communities can drive the development process by identifying and mobilizing often under-acknowledged abilities, enabling communities to respond to and create economic opportunities. Built on cooperative principles, Urban Recipe Food Co-ops are highly participatory and unique in that each co-op has a member-led steering committee and does not require members to make financial contributions. Our particular “urban recipe” creates food security in a way that affirms dignity while at the same time providing a sense of support and community for our members.

Amidst the pandemic, in August 2020, Urban Recipe moved out of its original location at the Georgia Avenue Church in the Grant Park community in Atlanta into a large facility (the former home to the Atlanta Community Food Bank for many years) located at 970 Jefferson Street. This new location provides more room with dedicated warehouse space and proper refrigeration and freezer space to be able to better deliver and expand upon our mission.  

Urban Recipe has a rich history of working alongside communities to create cooperation, build community and honor the gifts, abilities and talents that people bring with them into Urban Recipe. Our desire is to work with people as opposed to “helping,” so that relationships are formed, community grows and people gain what they need as well as helping others to have the same.

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