What is a food co-op?

The food cooperative program exists to help create food security for individuals and families, doing so in a way that affirms dignity and creates community.  At Urban Recipe, a food co-op is made up of 50 households who meet once every other week to distribute and/or receive food. 

What is the difference between a food co-op and a food pantry?

Unlike food pantries and other traditional food distribution programs, food recipients—co-op members—participate in the food distribution process. 

How has the pandemic impacted the food co-op model?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, food co-ops have changed significantly as has the role of co-op members. Instead of full co-ops of up to 50 families coming together to meet in-person every two weeks, members are asked to take on a variety of roles that have been created to continue providing food on a consistent basis while eliminating exposure to the coronavirus. 

How much food will I get from joining a co-op?

The amount of food received is dictated by household size and divided according to the table on the right.

A single household receives approximately [x] lb of food every distribution day, or [x] lb of food every month.

Single Households of 1-3 persons
Double Households of 4-7 persons
Triple Households of 8 or more persons

How soon can I get food?

To receive food as a co-op member, you must first attend orientation. Attending orientation requires an invitation from either us or a partnering organization. Please call our office at 404 688 0871 to learn more about the process of becoming a member, or use the form at the bottom of this page to be contacted by a staff member of Urban Recipe.

What if I have an urgent need for food?

If you require emergency food assistance, the co-op model likely will not work for you. Please seek out a local food pantry, or call our office to learn about our pantry hours. Our pantry is open by appointment only, so you must call beforehand.

Who can join a co-op? What makes me eligible?

A person is eligible for membership if he/she has difficulty obtaining enough food for his/her household.

What if I am not able to come to every co-op day? 

Members are not required to attend every meeting or co-op day, however, they are required to contact us before missing it. Failure to contact us beforehand can jeopardize your membership.

If you cannot personally attend a meeting, you may send a family member or other representative in your place. You must provide them with a signed note, or you must call the co-op coordinator and leave a message stating the name of the person you will send in your place.

If you have difficulty getting transportation to or from the distribution site, please let us know. We may be able to send a volunteer driver, or coordinate with another co-op member so that they can bring you food. That being said, we cannot guarantee this alternative, and encourage you to be proactive in securing transportation.

How can I learn more about joining a co-op?

You can call our office at 404 688 0871 to learn more about the process of becoming a member, or use the form below to be contacted by a staff member of Urban Recipe.

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