Wednesday Lunch

For many years, we have been holding an informal worship service and serving lunch on Wednesdays during the school year. This program is actually the grandparent of the Georgia Avenue Community Ministry. Louise Adamson began this program out of Capitol Avenue Baptist Church over 45 years ago, feeding anyone, regardless of race, color, nationality, whatever… and so, she got into some trouble! So, her program was a nomad for a few years until it found a home here at Ga. Ave. over 40 years ago! A recent novel, The Swan House, is based partially on Louise’s activities and the Georgia Avenue Church.

Our Wonderful Partners

  • Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church–1st and 3rd Wednesdays.


  • Korean Community Presbyterian Church–2nd Wednesdays.


  • Peachtree Presbyterian Church–4th Wednesdays.


  • Northwest Presbyterian Church–5th Wednesdays.

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